NOT painted by Picasso 
Saturday, 9 August, 2008, 00:56

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Item number: 200245170774
End time: Aug-14-08 22:00:00 PDT

Seller: classicparts99. Member: since Nov-06-03 in United States. Item location: Henderson NV, United States. Feedback: 100 % Positive.

Seller's description:

Femme assise
You are bidding on exactly what is photographed. This auction is for Pablo Picasso gouache drawing. The actual drawing itself is about 8.3 x 5.9 inches -22.7 x 15 cm. The drawing is signed Picasso in the upper right. Dated 7/10/43
Title: Femme assise.
Minor foxing and stains.
The winner of the auction will receive a Certificate of Authenticity by G.M.Norman Gallery (London 1972). Bid with confidence. Please note payment must be made in full within 2 business days of close of auction. For more information contact me via email.
No, potential buyers are NOT bidding on a genuine work of art by Pablo Picasso, they are bidding on just another FAKE painting signed Picasso.

NOT painted by Pierre-Auguste Renoir 
Wednesday, 6 August, 2008, 23:59

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Item number: 280253401844
Estimate: US $8,000.00 - US $10,000.00
Auction Date: Aug-14-08 10:00:00

Seller: martingordonauctions. Member: since Apr-27-06 in United States. Feedback: 95.5 % Positive. Item location: Phoenix, Arizona USA

Martin Gordon Auctions, LLC
5025 North Central Avenue #622
Phoenix, AZ United States 85012-1520

Seller's description:

Pierre-Auguste Renoir [attrib.] (French, 1841 - 1919)
View of Montmartre.
Oil on canvas. c1880s. Signed with the initial "R," lower right. 10 3/4 x 15 1/2 in. (273 x 394 mm).

All lots are sold AS IS and there will be NO RETURNS BASED ON CONDITION. Catalogue descriptions are composed with as much care as possible, but are OPINION ONLY, and do not fall under the statutory paragraph for guaranteed legal characteristics. Prospective buyers or their agents are advised to personally examine any property on which they intend to bid prior to the auction.
No serious auction house will never ever register this painting as a genuine work of art by Renoir.
Martin Gordon Auctions is either an incompetent amateur expert or an art swindler.
This painting has absolutely nothing to do with Renoir why the seller can't attribute it.
Read about attributed

NOT a drawing by Pablo Picasso 
Tuesday, 5 August, 2008, 16:59

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Item number: 320282902394

Seller: genovarte. Member: since Apr-02-06 in United Kingdom. Feedback: 100 % Positive. Item location: London, United KingdomWatch this item

The seller: Wonderful Erotic Scene Drawing Picasso
Fabulous pencil drawing depicting a nude couple in a cartoonish erotic style, typical of Picasso's later works, signed at the low middle. This is a wonderful example of a sketch/drawing
This drawing is NOT typical for Picasso's later works, it is typical for thausands of FAKES signed Picasso

NOT painted by Karel Appel 
Sunday, 3 August, 2008, 22:30

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Item number: 140254043157
End time: Aug-06-08 14:03:36 PDT

Seller: itishappening. Member: since Dec-01-98 in United States. Feedback: 95.9 % Positive. Item location: Lexington, SC, United States.

The seller's description:
Original 1959 Karel Appel Abstract Painting ~COBRA~

Being offered is an original painting by the Dutch abstract-expressionist painter, Karrel Appel. Medium: acrylic on hand-stretched canvas. Signed "Appel" and dated '59, bottom, left-hand corner. Original, burled walnut frame w/ inner abstract, gold trim. Without the frame, this painting measures 20 inches across by 16 inches high. I have provided a photo of the painting out of the frame; see image.. Brief history: this painting was purchased recently at an estate sale in High Point, North Carolina. The auctioneer apparently had no idea what he had in this painting, and neither did the owner or other bidders, for that matter.. So, it was obtained for a very reasonable price. Now, I have studied this painting carefully, and in my honest opinion it appears to be vintage/original, and by the hand of Karel Appel. Look at the images, carefully.. The art is typical of the work produced by Appel in the era.. The paint looks older, the canvas and frame are of the right period, and the signature is correct. Again, look at all the images.. My impression of this painting, is that Appel was trying to capture a beach scene with this piece, whereby a young, beautiful girl figure(at the far left of the painting..) is being eagerly chased by a sexual pervert(please excuse the pun..) and his side-kick.. ..and all are being followed by a red phalic symbol to the far right, who I believe represents the devil. The deviant and his friend seem to be kicking up water(look at the blue paint..) as does the girl, and some sea critters have apparently squirted out from underneath the deviant. Sun and clouds in the background. That's my take on this painting, but you are welcome to make up your own mind.. I think it's worth mentioning, at this time, that the frame is not only vintage, but of the superior quality one would expect to find an original Appel painting in.. Beautiful grain, look closely.. Condition of painting: a couple of light fleabites and scratches, and expected fading due to age/elements/etc. Condition of frame: excellent. Someone obviously took very good care of this painting.. Ok, so why am I listing this painting on Ebay with such a low opening bid($5000) and no reserve, and not letting some big auction house sell it for me? Simple: auctions like Sothebys and Christies, or any fine auction house, for that matter, will not accept any painting without an original provenance and coa(certificate of authenticity) Trust me, I've already tried this, before, with no success. So, I've listed the painting on Ebay, and you could possibly own an original painting by Karel Appel, for a small fraction of what it may actually be worth.. Again, look at what you would be getting, here, and consider the possibilities.. Lovely painting... Good luck, and email me with any questions..
This painting is far away in the style of the famous Cobra painter Karel Appel.
It's a FAKE signed Appel 59.

NOT paintings by van Gogh and Utrillo just reproductions 
Saturday, 2 August, 2008, 17:55

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Starting bid: US $899,000.00.
Item number: 230276861550

Seller: burtley1. Member: since Nov-28-02 in United States. Item location: carbondale, IL, United States.

The seller's description:
Vincent Van Gogh
Oil on Canvas
Not authenticated
This is a beautiful oil on canvas painting, which was bought a a local thrift store.
This is from a painting done by Van Gogh, 1887 in Paris. I have not been able to find any duplicate of this particular opainting and the framing co. In doing my research of the framing company, Turner mfg company in Chicago Illinois, I found that the company folded in 1960, and was established in the 1800's by a family from Germany. Turner mfg company was America's largest producer of decorative accessories.
The painting and frame are in excellent conditions, will enhance any Van Gogh collection.
This painting is priced to sale immediately at a excellent price as I was told by someone not authorized to authenticate art work. Just based on his experience of vintage artwork.
At this price the purchaser takes the gamble. If this painting was authenticated it would be millions of dollars.
Those collectors know the history behind Vincent Van Gogh, and know that this size is unusual and rare.

Please only serious inquiries only. Payment is definitely expected and cleared, beofre any shipping done. Paypal,cashier's check or inter-bank wire transfer will be accepted.
Thank you so much for ndropping and checking out this deal of the year. Look forward to doing business with you. I also have other vintage antiques collection. No return, because I know the
End time: Aug-04-08 21:18:31 PDT
Scandalous that ebay does not stop that kind of fraudsters.
Last february the seller tried to sell it without success.
The seller is not just a fake seller, he/she is a gangster.
The picture is NOT an oil painting by van Gogh it is JUST a worthless copy you can buy everywhere for $50. Maybe the seller is stupid.

The original van Gogh, »Le restaurant de la Sirène à Asnières«, 1887, belongs to Museé d'Orsay in Paris.
Go to Paris

The samme FAKE seller sells also the two reproductions under here for being original works of art by Maurice Utrillo. But these two pictures are reproductions in same way as the van Gogh and worth $50 each.

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Item number: 230276863585
Starting bid: US $475,000.00

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