NOT an original drawing by Pablo Picasso 
Sunday, 7 August, 2005, 00:24

Watch the sale:

The seller (same as August 6, 2005)
Pablo Picasso Original Signed Drawing "Seance"

This week Fineartmasters is holding our special August Fine Art Auction Sale. This sale features many high quality signed and limited edition prints and original drawings, all starting at $9 with NO RESERVE, and ending on August 10. Many of these items normally sell in art galleries for hundreds or thousands of dollars. To view the other items we have up for auction in this sale click on this paragraph or the sale banner above.
The drawing is a five dollar picture, NOT a genuine Picasso

NOT two genuine drawings by Monet 
Saturday, 6 August, 2005, 19:28

Watch the sale:

The seller:
This is an original Claude Monet pencil drawing, circa early 1900's. It is from the estate of French collector d'Edmond Poinsot, a Parisian druggist. A provenance letter (in French) stating the items history is included, along with a FAM COA
Please note that this item has drawings on both sides of the paper. The signed drawing is the main one, and the drawing of the flowers is on the back.
Both of the drawings are fakes, NOT original drawings by Monet.

NOT painted by Matisse 
Friday, 5 August, 2005, 19:39

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The seller:
Over ten people watching this item.
Yes! And two of them are and the FBI.

NOT painted by Chagall. Probably painted by Mr. Spoutz himself - or by his mother-in-law 
Thursday, 4 August, 2005, 01:18

Watch the sale:

The Fake Seller, Mr. Eric I. Spoutz, Detroit, MI:
History of ownership: The artist's own collection
An attributed painting from the artist's own collection!
Mr. Eric I. Spoutz is really an art swindler.

NOT painted by Fernand Léger 
Wednesday, 3 August, 2005, 01:21

Watch the sale:

The seller, Mr. Spoutz from Detroit
History of ownership: The artist's own collection.
Why sell it attributed Mr. Spoutz, when it comes from the artist himself?
In our view, you remain a swindler sir!

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