NOT painted by Albert Marquet 
Tuesday, 26 July, 2005, 00:06

Watch the sale:

The seller:
Acquired many years ago. No papers given, taken as a consignment. We also have not taken it to a specialist yet. Please do your research prior to bidding.
Selling as attributed to Albert Marquet.
Ask some other art experts and they will tell you the same:
Albert Marquit did not paint this picture.

NOT painted by Willem de Kooning 
Sunday, 24 July, 2005, 21:29

Watch the sale:

The seller:
This work is sold as ATTRIBUTED to de Kooning as we do not have COA,nor has it been examined by an expert.
Of course you have no COA. This painting is neither painted by nor is it attributed to de Kooning. It has nothing to do with the famous Dutch born American artist.
Also: It has no connection what so ever with the other de Kooning falsifications offered by Mr. Eric I. Spoutz from Detroit.

NOT painted by Basquiat 
Saturday, 23 July, 2005, 00:31

Watch the sale:

The seller:
Original painting signed Jean-Michel Basquiat
This amazing painting has the power recognized the world over of the graffiti artist turned super artist celebrity. Wild motifs of death, racism, slavery and oppression. What can you say, but he was a fantastic artist.

Provenance: Acquired from an estate sale. As a practical matter this work of art is offered as attributable to artist. Will go to highest bidder with a modest reserve and please bid with confidence.
Itís a very good painting but far from a genuine Basquiat. If it was it could be sold for several millions at Sotheby's or Christie's. Jean-Michel Basquiat is one of the most expensive modern artists in the world. And the seller knows pretty well that the present painting is not a Basquiat.

NOT painted by the famous COBRA painter Karel Appel 
Friday, 22 July, 2005, 00:19

Watch the sale:

The seller:
I am happy to offer this: ABSTRACT OIL signed APPEL
This has not been officially approved, so I have to sell it as attributed to.
The painting can't be officially approved, because the painting isn't painted by Appel

NOT painted by Rubens 
Thursday, 21 July, 2005, 00:17

Watch the sale:

The seller:
Age: The painting age is not exactly known but definitely older than the 19th century
Artist: PETER PAUL RUBENS (1577-1640)
If Peter Paul Rubens painted this picture, as declared by the seller, it must be at least from the 17í century.

The seller:
This painting is accmpanied by a certificate and a picture. The face in the painting and the picture are very similar and I can only guess that is why the picture accompanies the certificate. The painting in the picture is titled THE HOLY FAMILY. This is another guess that cannot be ruled out which this painting is a cut out of that painting. Noneoftheless it is a great painting with 2 old repairs as seen in the back and surface grime as the painting has not been cleaned for many years.

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