NOT painted by Frits Thaulow 
Thursday, 25 May, 2006, 14:20

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The seller, webewinn, Mount Clemens, Michigan United States:
Oil on Canvas. 10 x 14 inches plus 2 inch frame Signed. Please contact us if you have any questions. See My Other Auctions. All sales Final.
All paintings offered by webewinn, Mount Clemens, Michigan United States and lady-frisko, MIchigan United States, one and the same person, are FAKES. They are signed Picasso, Léger, Modigliani, Foujita, Chagall, Picabia, Le Corbusier, Klimt, Magritte, H. Rousseau, Laurencin, Utrillo, Dali, Frits Thaulow, Paul Fischer and others. But ALL of them are FAKES.

NOT painted by Modigliani 
Wednesday, 24 May, 2006, 00:00

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The seller, herbavarious, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada:
This painting is from a retired art dealer's collection.We are helping him sell off some of his paintings.On the back is some kind of certificate in spanish.
Burn the certificate! It's a fake too.

NOT painted by Henri Matisse 
Tuesday, 23 May, 2006, 22:33

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The seller, picasso-and-friends, Woodbury, New York, United States:
I am offering this beautifully colored pastel and crayon on aged paper, signed H. Matisse in the lower right. Piece is titled "Yellow Flowers With Glass Decanter". The piece measures 11.3 inches by 14.05 inches, unframed. Paper has uniformly tanned with age. Overall excellent condition- sold unframed. In addition to the Provenance (as listed below), the artwork comes with a Photo-Certificate of Authenticity on the signature by Herman Darvick. Piece may have been done while Matisse lived in Nice on the Cote dâ'Azur in the early 1920's.
(1)Private collection British government official., Lancashire, England.
(2)Gifted to the son of the above, 1961, Lancashire, England
(3)Sold by the above to present owner, 2006.

Paperwork included with the piece:
(1)Provenance as described above. Image of the piece within the Provenance document. .
(2)Transfer of ownership document from present owner to the new buyer.
(3)Signed Photo-Certificate of Authenticity on Matisse signature by Mr. Herman Darvick.(see additional info below)

(1)The British government official was an extensive collector of the arts until his death in 1972. This piece, along with other pieces in the collection, were acquired over a period of years during which he traveled extensively throughout Europe. It was known that several of the artists were personal friends. His son has certified that he received the collection as a gift when he started college in 1961. The collection has been in storage since that time, and as such the pieces are unframed and show normal aging and oxidation.
(2)Mr. Herman Darvick is considered an expert in the field of signatures and autographs. He is author of "Collecting Autographs", Messner Books/Simon and Schuster,1981. He is author, "Autograph" entry, World Book Encyclopedia, 1984-. He is former President of the Universal Autograph Collectors Club 1968-1987. Herman M. Darvick, Autographs, 1968-1985, Herman Darvick Autograph Auction, 1985-1995, Chief Cataloguer and Authenticator, Gallery of History, 1996-2005.
What a wonderful pack of lies.

NOT a drawing by Picasso 
Monday, 22 May, 2006, 17:48

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The seller, gouyrand, West Coast, Canada:
Re listed due to non-payment by a "0" feedback winning bid
A 33 x 25 cm drawing signed Picasso and dated September 15, 1961. The COA has wax seal with monogram applied, pristine condition, glazed. The same monogram wax seal is applied at the back of the frame. Low starting bid, considering the possible value of this piece.
Overall size: 39.5 x 50 cm. Provenance U.K.
The COA is a fake too.

NOT painted by Picasso 
Sunday, 21 May, 2006, 14:53

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The seller, cahillart, California, United States:
Offered for auction is this crayon/colored graphite drawing signed Picasso.the drawing is dated 12.2.32 -- it is in overall excellent condtion for its age. Guaranteed not a print of any kind. It has been stored unframed. The measurements are 12.6 inches wide and 9.2 inches high. It was acquired in france approximately thirty years ago at an estate art sale that contained a large collection of european and american fine art. The estate sale was held aboard a luxury yacht near cannes on the French riviera. An appraisal only, will acompany the drawing. Sold as is, (as described). Do your own research prior to bidding. No reserve price and auction results are final.
Thousands of paintings, pastels and drawings signed Picasso have been offered for sale at eBay during the past ten years, but not a single of them was executed by him.

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