Not painted by Maurice Utrillo 
Friday, 7 April, 2006, 21:17

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The seller, annemarie4013, East Meadow, NY, United States:
This is an original painting by Maurice V. Utrillo. It measures 22-l/2 x 28-l/2 inches. It is very well framed. It is watercolors on canvas. Signed by artist.
Is it a painting or a watercolour?
And who has never seen watercolour on canvas?

NOT painted by Carl Holsoe 
Thursday, 6 April, 2006, 19:25

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The seller, northwest-spb, Solna, Sweden:
Interior Scene ca 1920s Signed Oil Canvas Dannish?
Work of Art
Title: Sunlit Interior
Creation Year: ca 1920-30ss
Technique: oil painting on canvas
Measurements (unframed): 40cm by 34 cm
Measurements (framed): 52 * 45.7
Style/subject: realism/impressionism/
Inscription: signed LR "C.Holsoe"
Condition: excellent, see enlargements.
A Swede isn't ignorant of the famous Danish artist Carl Holsoe (1863-1935). Half his paintings are painted in Sweden.
This painting is a FAKE; the details are rather poor.

NOT a watercolour by Egon Schiele 
Wednesday, 5 April, 2006, 00:00

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The seller, kreaita, Canada:
No Reserve Beautiful nude Signed Schiele. Watercolor
Signed Schiele but not painted by Schiele.
This is clearly the work of an amateur.
It's a fake

The seller doesn't have a coa, he claims.
No! Of course he hasn't, this conman is trying to sell a fake.

Don't trust him!

NOT painted by Frida Kahlo 
Tuesday, 4 April, 2006, 00:00

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The seller, guada07, BOCA RATON FL, United States:
This nice painting (oil on canvas) is signed: Frida Kahlo 43 - represent: "Frida Kahlo with Diego Rivera on mind" - perfect condition - unframed. Unfortunely i don't have coa or papers, but I can guaranted this is an old and hand made work of art.
The seller does't have a coa.

NOT a drawing by Picasso 
Monday, 3 April, 2006, 00:00

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The seller, antique_marie, Canton, Michigan, United States:
This is a drawing of a woman. It was purchased at an estate sale in 1990 from a historic home in the Henry Ford District of Dearborn, MI USA. Email with questions or for additional detailed photos.
This work has not been authenticated, nor do I have knowlege of its origin. I purchased it at an estate sale in the Historic District of Henry Ford homes (Dearborn, MI USA) from a stately residence. I was taken by the subject and not until years later did I notice the signature. There is not a qualified appraiser in the greater Metro Detroit area, but I have contacted the Antiques Roadshow to see how to participate in their expert analysis--no dates nearby at this time. Part of the reason for ebay listing is to expose this piece to those individuals with fine arts expertise.
Starting bid: US $19,000.00.
"There is not a qualified appraiser in the greater Metro Detroit area".
Not quite true. You have to contact Mr. Eric I. Spoutz, Gallery
Fisher Building, 3011 West Grand Boulevard, Detroit, Michigan 48202
telephone: 586-468-4642, fax: 586-468-4642.
He is one of the leading art experts in the world according to him.
Call him if you feel like it and if he doesn't happen to be in jail.

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