NOT painted by Th. Niss 
Monday, 27 March, 2006, 00:43

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The seller, galleryduval, London, Portobello, United Kingdom.
Danish rural scene
Signed "TN" for Thorvald Niss (1842-1905), a listed Danish artist. He travelled to Greece, Italy, Paris and was a member of the artists's colony in the Danish fishing village Skagen. He won several prizes e.g. the Södring prize in 1875, gold medal in Vienna in 1882, the Ancher medal in 1892 and the silver medal in Paris in 1900. He exhibited on Charlottenborg in Copenhagen from 1870-1905, the World Exhibition in Paris in 1889 and 1900, in Vienna in 1882, Berlin in 1891 and on several other Danish and International exhibitions.
The painting is from the early 20 th century.
The painting is a genuine oil painting on canvas
Size without frame:
The picture is 50 cm / 19.5 inches high and 69 cm / 27 inches wide.
The frame itself is 9 cm /3.5 inches wide.
On offer is here a charming everyday scene from the Danish countryside. It depicts a fields with grazing cows and behind them a fence and a small hill with a windmill on top. To the extreme right bihnd a group of trees is the thatched roof of a farm house. It is a cloudy day and everything has been executed in a very detailed manner. A plate on the frame reads: "Krukkeborg, Wolther Eriksen 21.5 31, Johannes Eriksen 18.6 52" Probably a Danish location and two unknown Danish.
The painting is in a good condition but with slight surface grime, abrations and light craquelure. It has been relined. The frame is a beautifully gilt wooden frame in a good condition with a few scratches
The painting is authenticated by art expert Rasmus C. Olsen and we fully guarantee its authenticity. To meet the new standards of Ebay’s Code of Conduct we introduce our external consultant, Rasmus C. Olsen.
MA in History of Art University of Copenhagen 2004
Expert in:
Dutch Art 17th century
German Art 19th-20th century
American Art 19th-20th century
Scandinavian Art 19th-20th century
French Art 19th century
Former Employees:
The National Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark, the Department of Conservation.
The Royal Cast Collection, Copenhagen, Denmark
The Cathedral of Roskilde, Denmark
Very impressive!
But who is the art expert Rasmus C. Olsen?
He is not an expert on Danish art.
The painting is NOT painted by Thorvald Niss and this artist has never signed like this.
The painting is a FAKE.
Sorry, Mr. Olsen!

NOT painted by de Kooning 
Sunday, 26 March, 2006, 22:26

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The seller, swimmingtropical, Delaware, United States:
ORIGINAL Painting signed de KOONING WITH FULL PROVENANCE FROM NOW TO THE ARTIST. The medium is OIL, WATERCOLOR and PASTEL on RIVES PAPER. It is signed de Kooning on the lower LEFT. This is an ABSTRACT PAINTING of a WOMAN ,IT IS A LARGE PAINTING MEASURING 18'' X 24'' and comes as shown FRAMED.
The PROVENANCE is in the form of letter from the original owner who purchased this directly from THE MODEL who sat for this painting in AMSTERDAM she is now in her 70’s,HER NAME IS ON THE LETTER.The painting comes with a copy of this and a TRANSFER of OWNERSHIP, there is no COA so it is sold as attribute to de KOONING due to its QUALITY,STYLE AND CHARACTERISTICS.
I have sold numerous Pieces of Art and have a Perfect FEEDBACK SCORE, EXAMINE this GREAT Piece of Art for 7 days, if your not happy return for a FULL REFUND!
"...original owner who purchased this directly from THE MODEL who sat for this painting in AMSTERDAM" and "...there is no COA so it is sold as attribute to de KOONING".

What a true story!
Read about attributed

NOT painted by Chagall 
Saturday, 25 March, 2006, 20:05

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The seller, art_paris, Maisons Alfort, France:
Aquarelle / gouache de Marc CHAGALL. Taille avec cadre: 32cm x 26cm. Taille sans cadre: 30cm x 24cm.Vendu avec une facture, sans certificat.
art_Paris is an art faker; it's as simple as that.
(Take a look at March 24 - the same seller)

NOT painted by Claude Monet 
Friday, 24 March, 2006, 00:00

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The seller, art_paris, Maisons Alfort, France:
Huile sur toile de Claude MONET (1840-1926). Sign en bas droite. Taille avec cadre: 60cm x 50cm. Taille sans cadre: 50cm x 40cm. Vendu avec facture, sans certificat.
art_Paris is an art faker; it's as simple as that.

NOT painted by Le Corbusier(1887-1965) 
Thursday, 23 March, 2006, 16:14

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The seller:
SWISS-FRENCH Early Modern Oil. Two Women and a Dog.
Oil on Canvas 18 x 14 ", initialed LC 48 (Le Corbusier) .
All paintings offered by webewinn, Mount Clemens, Michigan United States and lady-frisko, MIchigan United States, one and the same person, are FAKES.They are signed Picasso, Lger, Modigliani, Foujita, Chagall, Picabia, Le Corbusier, Klimt, Utrillo, Dali, Paul Fischer and others. But ALL of them are FAKES.

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