NOT an original drawing by Picasso 
Thursday, 29 December, 2005, 00:00

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The seller, tower-fineartsales, Sheerness, United Kingdom:
Charcoal sketch Signed Picasso, with CoA, Offered by an established UK powerseller.
The Grandfather had the pleasure of meeting Picasso in a cabinet makers workshop in France. Picasso was commissioning a piece of furniture and drew a design of how he wanted the legs of the cabinet to look. When the details were finalised and Picasso asked for a price, the Grandfather who was asked his opinion of the design said to Picasso in jest that he would pay for the furniture as long as Picasso signed the sketch he had done of the legs and let him keep it. Picasso was apparently amused by this and did indeed sign the sketch and give it to the Grandfather.
You are a liar. This drawing is not made by Picasso.

NOT painted by Henri Matisse 
Wednesday, 28 December, 2005, 00:00

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The seller, nellymuse, United Kingdom:
Beautiful Original Pastel Drawing on Paper Signed Henri Matisse
This beautiful piece of art recently found at a market sale in London. It is a beautiful pastel drawing on paper of a women, it is signed Henri Matisse at the bottom of the paper. When I bought it was in a crappy frame, only when removing the frame I discovered a black shape on the back of the piece this is clearly photographed.
paper size 35.3cm x 26.1cm
The piece is being sold as is unframed and without documentation. I am unable to prove its authenticity.
Off course you are unable to prove its authenticity.
The picture is a fake and you know it.

NOT painted by Pablo Picasso 
Tuesday, 27 December, 2005, 00:00

Who is the lucky buyer of this "Picasso"?

The Fake-seller, The seller, oceangallery, Kent, United Kingdom:
Signed Picasso lower right. Provenance: It comes with a letter from the present owner detailing the provenance of the piece. We will issue a transfer of ownership letter to the winning bidder.
We believe this is an old painting by Rembrandt...

NOT a drawing by Picasso 
Monday, 26 December, 2005, 00:00

Take a look at this wonderful FAKE

The seller:
You are bidding for a Pablo Picasso portrait sketch executed circa 1940s. This is an excellent example of his work. Full of emotion and mystique, this portrait is unique and enhances any room where it is hung.
If you are the buyer of this piece of paper don't tell it to anybody.

NOT a drawing by Picasso 
Sunday, 25 December, 2005, 00:00

Read more about two original fakes

The seller:
Picasso drawing pencil on paper
one paper whit two drawings one front one rear i have buy this drawing in the Estate Item at London.. I haven't the COA. I can write an letter of provenience.
Are you sure that you can write?

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