NOT painted by Paul Cézanne 
Friday, 28 October, 2005, 23:37

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The seller:
Whilst the painting itself is unsigned, the mount bears an inscription 'Paul Cezanne 1839 - 1906'.
Yes, it's very difficult to make a nameplate like this.

The seller:
I don't think that we have to say more, this artwork speaks for itself.
Yes, the seller is right: this artwork speaks for itself.
All art experts can see that this painting has nothing to do with Paul Cézanne.

NOT painted by Pablo Picasso 
Thursday, 27 October, 2005, 23:56

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The seller:
This stunning painting has been on display in the main saloon of a luxury Yacht.
In order to make space for a new purchase one of the paintings by Picasso in the main saloon is now offered for sale. To avoid the expensive sellers and buyers premiums now charged by the major auction houses the drawing will initially be offered on Ebay, starting on the 27th October and finishing on the 3rd November 2005.
The yacht is an original boat
but the picture is not an original Picasso

NOT painted by Alexander Calder 
Wednesday, 26 October, 2005, 20:10

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The seller, Pook & Pook, Inc. 463 East Lancaster Ave. Downingtown, PA USA 19335:
AlexanderCalder(American, (1898-1976), brush and ink with gouache on paper drawing, signed lower right "Calder 1970", 30" x 43".
We have informed Calder Foundation about the falsification.
Calder Foundation

NOT painted by Lucio Fontana 
Tuesday, 25 October, 2005, 01:00

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If you try and turn the picture 90 degrees it looks more like a Fontana, but we don’t think it is

NOT painted by Paul Fischer 
Monday, 24 October, 2005, 01:00

Sold Oct. 15, 2005 by Fine-Scandinavian-art, Copenhagen for the amount of $348 to kjemalle, Sweden, who is now early to sell it for 4.300 dollars (this is more than ten times this amount!)

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The Swedish seller:
Description: No reserve price auction!!!
Genuine oil on canvas. No visible signatures? The painting dates back to about 1910-1915.
Fabulous impressionistic evening scene from the Square of Amagertorv located downtown in Copenhagen. Marvelously detailed painted! Notice the tiny well-dressed people rushing down the streets, the old yellow streetcar and the vintage folk wagons. The light and colors in this scene are simply breathtaking. Notice how the warm lights from the shops reflects on the wet pavement from the boulevard. The fountain seen in the middle is called : Storkespringvandet, meaning: The fountain of storks. It still stands today along with most of the buildings seen in the scene. We attribute this wonderful oil to the Danish artist Paul Fischer (1860-1934). Paul Fischer is above all known for his evening scenes from downtown Copenhagen and this scene contains many of the beautiful characteristic that Paul Fischer is known for. The frame is the original and is a rare silver painted Berliner frame.
Auction prices / estimated value.
Paul Fischer is listed in His oils has been sold for 18.000 dollars!
Attributed works has been sold for 1500 dollars.
This painting is bleating false, the famous Copenhagen painter Paul Fischer did not paint it. The two auction houses, the Danish and the Swedish, don't know anything about Paul Fischer. The painting is a FAKE and in June 2005 a genuine Paul Fischer was sold at Sotheby's in London for about $350.000.

Take a look at the painting sold in London and at another genuine Paul Fischer

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