NOT painted by Vlaminck 
Saturday, 24 June, 2006, 00:00

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The seller, webewinn, Mount Clemens, Michigan, United States:
FRENCH Early Modern oil. Fauve Landscape With Figures
Description: Oil on canvas, 12 X 24 inches. SIGNED
Please contact us if you have any questions.
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webewinn has a lot of fakes on his walls.
This painting is not a genuine work by the French artist Maurice de Vlaminck (1876-1958).

NOT painted by Jean-Michel Basquiat 
Friday, 23 June, 2006, 00:00

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The seller, webewinn, Mount Clemens, Michigan, United States:
AMERICAN Grafitti/Pop Art, gouache. Skeletal Figure
Description: Gouache on paper, 26 X 21 1/2 inches, plus 5 inch mat and frame. SIGNED.
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NOT an original work of art by Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988)
One more fake from the fake seller webewinn, Michigan.

NOT a drawing by Degas 
Saturday, 17 June, 2006, 22:47

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The seller, pmysflying, UK, United Kingdom:
This beautiful Original charcoal drawing of a dancer is stamped "Degas" in red ink lower left. When the contents of Edgar Degas studio were sold by Galeries Georges Petit in 1918 and 1919 the works were stamped either with the "Degas" signature or the "Atelier" stamp, in ink. Degas rarely signed his works, particularly sketches, usually only when he sold them.

Degas stamped in red ink (presumably a stamp from Degas studio)
Georges Bernheim, Paris (Very well documented fine art dealer of the period) - Original invoice (Not a copy) from Georges Bernheim dated 28th July 1922 to Didier Kindt, Paris.
W.N.S. Poole - Maple's Depository - Label attached (Part of Sir John Blundell Maple's prestigious businesses)
J & W Vokins, London - Original old gallery label on backing board (Prestigious old London Gallery)
Inscribed Morris, 14 July 1941
Other unknown collection stamps and tags
Please ask if you have any questions before bidding.

PROVENANCE:, Copenhagen, Denmark: Not a genuine work by Degas.
It's a FAKE.

NOT painted by Picasso 
Friday, 16 June, 2006, 00:00

Watch this item. A very bad illustration.

The seller, glsm4, Marietta, Georgia, United States:
This is one of several paintings I took as part of a settlement from an estate of an elderly gentlemen who has collected this art over an extended period of time. It has all been independently appraised by Debra Freer, ISA. This is framed and matted under glass, and is mixed media on paper. Dated 9-14-1968, size is 121/2 high by 81/2 wide and 21 x 17 framed. The appraisal replacement cost is $18000.00. I am listing it at a reserve of my cost at $5000.00. I can fax an appraisal and a resume on Debra Freer. Good luck bidding.
Long story about a FAKE.

NOT a drawing by Matisse 
Thursday, 15 June, 2006, 00:00

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The seller, cassibbar, Italia, Italy:
Original pencil drawing signed H. Matisse. The subject represents two overlapping faces of woman. The drawing is in overall good condition for its age. It has been executed on a sheet of paper lightly yellowed for the age. It is guaranteed not a print of any kind and has been stored unframed. The measurements are 12 cm. Wide and 19 cm. High.
This work was purchased in france approximately forty years ago at an estate art sale that contained a large collection of european and american fine art.
Sold as is (as described). This work come wthout confirmed attribution or provenance. Do your own research prior to bidding. Bring your own experts and feel free to ask questions. There is no reserve price and auction results are final.
Nice "old" drawing but not old and good enough to be an original work by Matisse.

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