NOT painted by Calder 
Friday, 24 February, 2006, 18:07

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The seller, jmpandjsp, South Park, Pennsylvania, United States:
Original signed watercolor....please see signature right corner
Original watercolor signed by artist
22 by 31" original watercolor by known artist
Signed lower right hand corner.
Yes, Alexander Calder is a known artist.
But this watercolour is NOT a genuine work by the known Calder.

Five falsifications signed Picasso 
Thursday, 23 February, 2006, 19:03

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The seller: usa24h, Rhode Island, United States

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The seller: debbymancini, Windsor, United Kingdom

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The seller: gerant39, Sainte-Sophie, QC, Canada

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The seller: jacqui5purple, leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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The seller: superhappy_anonymous, North Arlington, New Jersey, United States
All these pictures are FAKES

NOT painted by Henri Matisse 
Wednesday, 22 February, 2006, 18:40

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The seller, palmbeachauctioneer, Palm Beach, United States:
The seller, palmbeachauctioneer, Palm Beach, United States:
The Palm Beach Auctioneer Presents:
Henri Matisse Original Pastel on Cardboard-Circa 1926
Item Description:
The Palm Beach Auctioneer presents this Original Pastel by Henri Matisse. This pastel is done on cardboard and is believed to be a study for his Oil entitled "Les Citrons Au Plat D etain". This piece is framed under glass in the original frame and is signed H. Matisse in the lower left corner. The cardboard is separated at the bottom approximately .75" up, but below the signature, but is still in perfect apposition. The pastel is in excellent condition, however the frame has some wear.
The last photo shows the oil we believe came from this piece. It is referenced on page 182 of Henri Matisse, The Early Years in Nice 1916-1930.
This is NOT an original pastel painted by Matisse. Matisse wasn't an amateur artist. This painting is painted by an amateur.

NOT painted by Andy Warhol 
Tuesday, 21 February, 2006, 21:18

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The seller, gallerybh, Los Angeles, California, United States:
Up for auction is this original oil on canvas self portrait by ANDY WARHOL. Measures 26x26, unsigned, damage under subject's left ear has been repaired by relining, otherwise in good condition. Provenance: I acquired this painting in 1987. It came from Ron Levine (friend of Andy Warhol and a murder victim of the Billionaire Boys Club in Beverly Hills) who gave this painting to his lawyer as a retainer. It then was displayed in a Beverly Hills art gallery who could not find a buyer. I was given the opportunity to purchase it. Following the shooting by a crazed fan, Warhol spent some time rehabilitating in medical care and was dismayed to discover a number of his works were stolen. He decided not to sign his works until payment was made for the piece. This could be how Levine acquired this piece. We will never know as Levine's body was never found. I tried to contact the Warhol Foundation to authenticate it but their reply was that more facts were needed to determine originality. The painting was returned from the foundation with a "Denied" stamp on verso. It is, nonetheless, a Warhol self portrait. Please email with questions.
We agree with Warhol Foundation. This is NOT an original self-portrait painted by Warhol. The face doesn't look like Warhol's face. But it is painted in his style.
Anyway, thank you to the seller informing about the letter from Warhol Foundation. Not all sellers do just that.

NOT a drawing by Picasso 
Monday, 20 February, 2006, 17:53

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The seller, snappyauctions6, Atlanta, GA, United States:
Pablo Picasso Drawing Signed Dated Numbered 1965 CrayonFull Provenance, Authentification, & Appraisal Provided.
This auction is for a delightful and engaging crayon drawing by Pablo Picasso, signed, dated, and numbered. The piece has been affirmed and authenticated (provenance including appraisal, ownership history, and documents upon request). According to the papers of authentication this drawing dates from 1965.
Impossible to read the document. But the drawing is NOT a genuine work by Pablo Picasso.

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