NOT painted by Karl Schmidt-Rottluff 
Monday, 19 September, 2005, 22:59

Watch the sale:

The seller:
A very fantastic painting (without COA), painted in oil on cardboard, I think about the years 1950-1960.
Don't you have a COA?
NOT a problem, just write to Mr. Eric I. Spoutz in Detroit and get it.
You probably can get it for free.
Mr. Spoutz's e-mail:

NOT a drawing by Modigliani 
Sunday, 18 September, 2005, 01:53

The sale has ended:

The seller:
Modigliani Nude Charcoal/Pencil Drawing
Is it a Modigliani? No! Is it signed Modigliani: Yes! But then, I donít understand??
How right you are! Itís a falsification - once again.

Not painted by Kees van Dongen 
Saturday, 17 September, 2005, 01:00

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The seller:
P.S. This is the second listing as described that will last for 10 days(eight days now..Lol. ) so plan your bidding accordingly...
P.S.S. As there are more than a few bidders who request additional time to have it inspected I would recommend not bidding this time (letting the auction run out) but keeping it on your watch list as Ebay will notify you (or you can check my auctions) when this is relisted in two weeks for an additional 10 days. Hopefully this will give everyone time to have their own expert inspect it so they can bid with confidence.
Pay no $30.000 for this painting, not in a millions years.
Can you get it for $150 then go ahead! Buy it, but only if you like it.

NOT painted by Maurice Utrillo 
Friday, 16 September, 2005, 01:00

Watch the sale:

The seller:
Here is a superb watercolour signed M Utrillo and dated 1937.I believe this to be a genuine watercolour by Maurice Utrillo,however,there is no provenance,so please examine the photos and make up your own mind.
Here is a very nice watercolour bought by the seller on his holiday trip to Italy this summer.

NOT painted by Pablo Picasso - it's a FAKE 
Wednesday, 14 September, 2005, 21:16

Watch the sale:

The seller, ab-fab-things, Kent, United Kingdom:
For sale: An amazing Pablo Picasso oil painting on hardboard.
I am now selling part of my collection.
This particular picture was composed using oil paint on hardboard.
I personally guarantee that it is a genuine work of art and not a copy or print.
The painting is of three abstract figures. It is signed Picasso and dated 17.7.65.
The central figure appears to be giving the femine looking figure a flower whilst ignoring the other figure on the left. Maybe the two male figures are competing for her love? It is a very evocotive looking work of art.
Picasso 1965-1973
Jacqueline Roque (Picassos wife) 1973-1976
Gifted to M.Barra,Mougins, from J.Roque 1976-1979
Sold to Dr Maxwell Grant,London 1979-1988
Sold to Mr Aston, London 1988-2005
Acquired by myself 2005
I will supply the original letter of provenance to the winning bidder along with a transfer of ownership document.
How dull, how tedious! Each story day by day from a notorious criminal, a misbegotten character selling his fakes at eBay.

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