NOT painted by Paul Klee 
Tuesday, 16 August, 2005, 22:43

Watch the sale:

The seller:
You are bidding on an original FAKE.

The seller:
Remember this item is advertised elsewhere and has already caused world wide interest - so dont miss your chance to own this outstanding original painting by this most sought after artist
You are a LIER

About the seller:
Positive Feedback: 100% Member since Feb-03-05 in United Kingdom
The Feedback score is pure swindle. NO ONE can trust the Feedback score.
Take a look at the sellers, leckie 1236, Feedback:

NOT a genuine René Magritte but a genuine Spoutz painted by his younger sister 
Monday, 15 August, 2005, 20:43

Watch the FAKE:

The FAKE seller, Mr. Eric I. Spoutz:
Certificate of Attribution issued by Gerrit V. Henry describing his professional summary of the artwork.
Mr. Eric I. Spoutz, Detroit, is one of the greatest art swindlers in the world.
Gerrit V. Henry has never seen the picture.
Gerrit V. Henry has never signed any certificate published by Spoutz

Certainly NOT painted by the famous German painter, Max Ackermann. This is a child’s work. 
Sunday, 14 August, 2005, 22:04

Watch the sale:

The seller:
Max Ackermann-Small Oil Pastel Drawing-c1952-NR

The seller:
Although we see the signed artist's name listed, we have not determined that this is the same individual.
Is it or is it NOT an original Max Ackermann?

NOT painted by Pablo Picasso 
Saturday, 13 August, 2005, 19:52

Watch the sale:

The seller:
Provenance: William P. Anderson estate. We have not had it appraised and have no further paperwork on it and therefore it is being offered as attributable to the artist “as is“ with a modest reserve...
Of course you have no paper on this painting.
And you will never get some as is has nothing to do with Picasso.
It's a fake!

Nice girl but NOT painted by Marcel Dyf 
Friday, 12 August, 2005, 21:58

Watch the sale:

The seller:
You are bidding on oil painting on canvas signed dyf has an international reputation. Noted for his portraits and bouquets of flowers, his inspiration for many compositions. His pastoral scenes capture french countryside with unique color, light and vibrancy. He is the last true impressionists of our era.
Take a look at a genuine Marcel Dyf:

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