NOT painted by Marc Chagall 
Saturday, 10 September, 2005, 17:06

Watch the sale:

The seller (goldielox2, U.S.A.):
There is no reason to go on about this great artist ...... Marc Chagall. This work speaks for itself.
Ö it is in excellent condition. It measures 9.10 inches in width and 12.10 inches in height. The drawing has been kept unframed for many years. This work, as well as a number of other works of varied artists, has come to me via my grandparents. Grandfather was russian born and traveled extensively as a violinist, and concertmeister for ballets, etc. There were many stories of him traveling and working with famous artists and musicians. As a practical matter this drawing is offered as attributable to artist. Will go to the highest bidder. No reserve. Bid with confidence
goldielox2 is one of the leading art fakers at eBay. Don't buy any painting from this seller.

NOT painted by Pablo Picasso - it's a FAKE 
Wednesday, 7 September, 2005, 23:24

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The Seller: ab-fab-things, Kent, United Kingdom, Positive Feedback: 97.2%
Here is a wonderful Pablo Picasso oil painting on board for sale. You are a liar.

It was acquired by myself a number of years ago from a respected collector of Picassos works and friend of Jacqeline Roque (picassos wife). You are a liar. It never was in any collection belonging to Picasso's family.

I am now selling part of my collection. You are trying to sell a painting made by yourself.

This particular picture was composed using oil paint on board. I personally guarantee that it is a genuine work of art and not a copy or print. You just gave your guarantee that the painting was a genuine Picasso, which it is not.

It is signed Picasso. Perhaps, but it certainly was you who signed it.

Picasso 1954-1973. NEVER WAS! And you know it. You are a liar and an art swindler.

Jacqueline Roque 1973-1978 You are still a liar.

Acquired by myself 1994-2005 NO! You did the painting just a couple of month ago.

It also comes with a certificate of appraisal. Details of which will only be made to the winning bidder. You have no certificate from the Picasso family.

NOT painted by Henri Matisse 
Sunday, 4 September, 2005, 22:41

Watch the sale (NOT sold):

The seller:
Painting, oil on canvas. Signed "henri matisse". It measures 30"x 36". I bought this painting in 1970 at a estate sale of a very well known brain surgeon in calif. I do not know if it is an authentic matisse, or not. I had a friend who is an amature art appraiser look at it, but he told me, he couldn't tell me if it was, or wasn't as he knew nothing of matisse's work. He did say that even if it were a copy, it would be worth as much $20,000.00 to $25,000.00 as it is a very well done piece of art. He told me this back in 1989. I have never taken the painting in to be appraised, or authenticated. It has only 1 small hole in it. If you have any questions feel free to call 702-260-1900. Please only the very seriously interested!!!!!
We love such stories!

NOT painted by Georges Braque 
Saturday, 3 September, 2005, 17:08

Watch the sale:

The seller:
I did try to get an opinion on this painting in Paris but since they charge a minimum charge of 4000 Euro without any guarantee of the outcome I decided to leave it up to the Ebay community.
Save your 4000 Euro, itís worth at most 200.
The style is far away from Braque's, and it doesnít look like Picasso.
More like the great art swindler Eric I. Spoutz from Detroit as a young man.

NOT painted by Malevich 
Friday, 2 September, 2005, 21:44

Watch the sale:

The seller, iwv47, Feasterville, PA, United States
You are bidding on guashe on board. Dimensions: 17 Ĺ" x 14". Signed and dated:"kazimir malevich 1916". He is one of the leading figures in the russian avantgarde & founder of suprematism. Malevich introduced his non-objective, geometric suprematist paintings.
P.s. painting stamped on the back (broad from russia).
The seller is known for selling art fakes, here is another signed Malevich and one signed Marcel Dyf.
Look for yourself and be convinced:

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