NOT painted by Soren Emil Carlsen 
Tuesday, 7 June, 2005, 00:43

Watch the sale (has ended):

The seller informs:
Estimate: US $28,500.00 - US $36,000.00
Closed at: US $3,000.00

Ann's Antiques
Antiques and Heirlooms
Ann Caire
Certified Appraiser
Ann Caire Inc.
Celebrating 33 years of Business
''We offer only the finest in Antiques and Heirlooms!''
The painting has nothing to do with the famous Danish/American artist Emil Carlsen.
He does his paintings in a quite different style

NOT painted by the Cobra painter Karel Appel and NOT attributed 
Monday, 6 June, 2005, 00:33

Watch the sale:

The seller informs:
I am happy to offer this: ABSTRACT OIL signed APPEL
This painting is signed Appel in the right corner below.
This has not been officially approved, so I have to sell it as attributed to.
It's a good copy, and nothing more.

NOT painted by Pablo Picasso 
Sunday, 5 June, 2005, 01:32

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The seller informs:
The details are as follows:
Acquired from the artist by an associate of Picasso.
Sold to a private collector in 1979.
Sold to my relative in 1988.
Gifted to me in 2005.
THE ORIGINAL LETTER FROM THE PRIVATE COLLECTOR DETAILING THE PROVENANCE UP TO 1988. This includes details of the associate of Picasso and how he came to acquire this and a number of other pictures from Picasso.
The entire story is ONE big lie.

NOT painted by Titian and NOT attributed 
Saturday, 4 June, 2005, 00:31

Watch the sale:

The sellers description:
Important early Italian oil on canvas painting depicting mythological legend of Zeus transforming himself into a shower of gold raining down on nude Danae and her servant. This painting is attributed to Tiziano Vecellio known as Titian. The subject coul.
This painting is not a bad painting, but it's not good enough to be a genuine Titian.

NOT painted by Yves Tanguy 
Friday, 3 June, 2005, 00:27

Watch the sale:

The seller informs:
We have set a VERY LOW opening price for an original oil painting attributed to Yves Tanguy (1900-1955). Recorded auction prices for paintings by this artist can go extremely high. This is a NO RESERVE auction. This work is GUARANTEED to be an original oil painting and NOT a lithograph or other reproduction of any kind.
The quality in this painting is much better than many other falsifications on eBay.
But it's not a genuine work by Tanguy.

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