NOT painted by Mogens Balle 
Tuesday, 7 March, 2006, 00:00

Bidding has ended for this item. Winning bid: Euro 520.00 (Approximately US $624.10)

The seller, milauth, NRW Germany:
Mogens Balle (1921-1989) Abstrakte Figuren sign.bedeutender dnischer COBRA Knstler.
Mogens Balle has never painted Mogens Balle-forgeries.

NOT painted by Picasso 
Monday, 6 March, 2006, 01:12

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The seller, mayfaircollectibles, Texas, United States:
This kind of pieces of Picasso were done on the 40's-60's and are not easy to find pieces, any serious collector should know that this is a jewel from the master of the xx century. Direct to the market from the private / personal collection of the actual owner. Includes important collectors. It will be sold with an original sales receipt giving the property to the new owner for include in the historial of the piece, a label attached at the back from an important gallery (that corroborates the history and the words "original work" regarding picasso), a coa by a serious gallery (that confirms the given provenance) and the expensive frame, the full provenance in a letter that the previos owner gave to the actual one.
Museum quality gouache w/ fully notarized documentation.
Fairytales by Hans Christian Andersen are better.

NOT two watercolours by Dufy 
Sunday, 5 March, 2006, 00:00

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The seller, likeschool, Korea, South:
Rare Raoul Dufy Watercolor Landscape (Double Images)
Market Value: $ 10,000.00
Replacement Value: $ 12,500.00

This is another watercolor by Raoul Dufy, a landscape in the artist’s distinctive style. This particular piece is unique in that it is actually two pictures – one on each side of the paper. It also comes with interesting provenance, which adds to the value somewhat. Based on comparative data for other Dufy watercolors recently sold, and considering the similarities and differences for the condition, size, artistic merit, and age, we have valued the subject piece as indicated.

History/Provenance: Provenance: Given personally to famous Jewish artist and survivor of the Nazi Kovno Ghetto, "Ester Lurie" by Raoul Dufy. Painting was purchased from Ester Lurie by the "Yard Gallery" Tel Aviv, Israel. Was in the owners private collection until 1992, then passed on to his family and sold to me.
"...sold to me!". Yes, for $10,00.

Just a FAKE 
Saturday, 4 March, 2006, 23:57

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The seller, barged, Chicago, Illinois, United States:
Is it Leger? Or Picasso mocking Leger? Fall of France?
Here's a painting that speaks for itself. If anyone has any information about this or any thoughts, feel free to pass them on. Painting is in a Dutch frame if that is any clue. Thanks!

Keywords: $300,000.00 PAFA, Benezit, Rockport, Provincetown, Woodstock, Bucks County, Sotheby's, Sotheby, Christie's, Guggenheim, Harriet Lumis, listed artist, Renouard, Louis Bosa, Picasso, Renoir, modernist, fifties, 50s, eames, Davenport, Davenport's, New Hope, Cleveland Institute of Art florence knoll george nelson, knoll, saarinen, jens risom, jean prouve robert emmett owens
Another keyword: FAKE

NOT painted by Joan Mir 
Friday, 3 March, 2006, 18:43

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The seller, ritterkreuz33, Bordeaux, France:
Magnifique peinture originale JUAN MIRO.
Current bid (March 3): EUR 1.00 (Approximately US $1.20)
$1.20 for an original painting by the world-famous artist Joan Mir is not expensive.

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