NOT painted by Titian and NOT attributed 
Saturday, 4 June, 2005, 00:31

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The sellers description:
Important early Italian oil on canvas painting depicting mythological legend of Zeus transforming himself into a shower of gold raining down on nude Danae and her servant. This painting is attributed to Tiziano Vecellio known as Titian. The subject coul.
This painting is not a bad painting, but it's not good enough to be a genuine Titian.

NOT painted by Yves Tanguy 
Friday, 3 June, 2005, 00:27

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The seller informs:
We have set a VERY LOW opening price for an original oil painting attributed to Yves Tanguy (1900-1955). Recorded auction prices for paintings by this artist can go extremely high. This is a NO RESERVE auction. This work is GUARANTEED to be an original oil painting and NOT a lithograph or other reproduction of any kind.
The quality in this painting is much better than many other falsifications on eBay.
But it's not a genuine work by Tanguy.

NOT painted by Wassily Kandinsky 
Thursday, 2 June, 2005, 01:01

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The seller:
You are bidding on this masterpiece of the early Abstract Expressionism. This painting comes from a private art collection in Berlin, Germany. Although it is not signed, it can be assumed that this is an early work by the famous Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944).
NO, you are NOT bidding on a masterpiece.

NOT painted by Joan Miró 
Wednesday, 1 June, 2005, 00:36

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The seller:
Miro made thousands of original sketches, in various media, during his long lifespan of 90 years. Prices for these ORIGINAL works can go very high. Our starting price is extremely LOW for a UNIQUE painted WATERCOLOR GOUACHE by this world-renowned and celebrated artist. There is NO RESERVE on this auction.
That's right! Miró made thousand of original sketches.
But NOT this one.

NOT painted by the famous French artist, Nicolas Poussin, and NOT attributed 
Tuesday, 31 May, 2005, 00:49

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The seller informs:
"Oil on canvas , “A MUSICAL PARTY “ attributed to the well-listed French Baroque Era Painter, Nicolas POUSSIN (1594-1665). Major Sirr Collection.
The framed canvas is in excellent condition and ready to hang. The size of the painting is 18 1/2” x 25 1/2”. The size of the frame is 24 1/2 " x 31 1/2".
Plaque reading "Jacopo Bassano, 1515 –1592.” I am not sure whether this beautiful painting is a work of Bassano since it does not appear to be signed and has not been authenticated.
This painting comes from an estate sale. Out of curiosity to determine artist, I recently removed the brown paper that sealed the back of the frame and discovered some interesting news. Very old handwriting on back of the wood frame states “ A Musical Party” by a N. Poussin (1594-1665)".

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Take a closer look at this genuine painting by Poussin and compare it with the above shown:

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