NOT painted by Raoul Dufy 
Tuesday, 1 November, 2005, 14:15

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Starting bid: US $250,000.00
Take a look at the details. This is a ten dollar painting. NOT a genuine artwork by Raoul Dufy. Where are you FBI? Take this art-fake-seller to the jail.

The art-fake-seller, jmharmia, Yakima, Washington, United States:
Very OLD Raoul Dufy Impressionist Painting.
First things first...NOT SOMEONES ART PROJECT like many on ebay are...This is a painting you can't help find interesting and exciting!! It is an early impressionist harbor Villa scene(probably the french riviera)signed R DUFY It is a real place as I have also put a photo of the same villa I found that was painted sometime I think in the 60's. I got this print to identify the artist so I could see if he was still alive and could tell me where this villa was and who owned it....But...When I got it the artists name was mostly trimmed off so it would fit into the frame. So if anyone could tell me the name of that artist it would also be a great help.You can definitely tell that there was 60 years and two world wars between the paintings....

NOT painted by George Romney 
Monday, 31 October, 2005, 13:44

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The seller:
Description:You are about to bid on a masterpiece by George Romney of Lady Mary Montague.This painting is rare and important.
This painting is not an important masterpiece. The seller is a liar.

Take a look at original paintings by Romney

NOT painted by Joshua Reynolds 
Sunday, 30 October, 2005, 17:25

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The seller:
Sir Joshua Reynolds, oil on canvas, portrait of a young girl, canvas verso inscribed "Spilman" stretcher annotated with French manufacturer’s stamp and dated 1912.
The British portrait painter Joshua Reynolds (1723 – 92) did not paint this picture.
Spilman inscribed on the back of the painting could be the artist's name, the American portrait painter Lucretia Spilman from the 19th century. Spilman is not the most famous artist in the world, and we,, don't know so much about her.
But could be her.

NOT painted by Frida Kahlo 
Saturday, 29 October, 2005, 01:00

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The seller:
Original oil painting on a cardboard photo frame by the immortal Mexican icon, Frida Kahlo. Her insatiable need for expression drove her to choose very creative canvases such as this case, where she found an old photo frame from 1914 and used it to portray herself on it. The board has a few pinholes in it from age but otherwise the piece is in impeccable condition. In this version, she shows herself as a cockroach (Cucaracha Ranchera) with long green legs in front of a fiery garden. The work is signed and dated 1943 on the top left corner. Despite her naïve style, Frida would sometimes achieve a somewhat academic look in her paintings. Diego Rivera once said: "Si te fijas bien, Frida se parecia a sus fotos." (If you look closely, Frida would always look like her pictures). This is one of those works where she strived for perfection in color and shadows. COA by Ruth Alvarado Rivera.
Kahlo does NOT paint in this style. It's a picture painted "some weeks ago".
It's a FAKE.
NOT a bad painting but NOT painted by Frida Kahlo.

NOT painted by Paul Cézanne 
Friday, 28 October, 2005, 23:37

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The seller:
Whilst the painting itself is unsigned, the mount bears an inscription 'Paul Cezanne 1839 - 1906'.
Yes, it's very difficult to make a nameplate like this.

The seller:
I don't think that we have to say more, this artwork speaks for itself.
Yes, the seller is right: this artwork speaks for itself.
All art experts can see that this painting has nothing to do with Paul Cézanne.

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