Paintings sold through Mr. Spoutz on eBay but NOT painted by:
Picasso - Chagall - Schiele - Matisse - de Kooning - Modigliani - Léger - Jawlensky - Soutine

          Mr. Eric I. Spoutz, the fairytale-man
Fantastic stories one more imaginative than the other accompany the paintings, which Mr. Spoutz from the American company lmm-sla auctions, Detroit, Arizona, put forward for sale at We, deeply encourages Mr. Spoutz to prove or at least to make probable his Arabian Nights stories in the form of photos of some of his great gallery of characters or there descendants, or in the form of any other trustworthy manner which proves his stories. So far we have not been able to verify one single of Mr. Spoutz’s fairytales with long-time-deceased figures, and we therefore believe the stories to be one huge pack of lies with the single purpose to spin a yarn around credulous buyers who know nothing about art – who just love it and care for it’s own sake.